"Acilon was a key player in our IPO. It was a tough choice between Acilon and their larger competitor, and we are very happy with our decision to go with Acilon. Acilon team members were highly knowledgeable and helped proactively solve many complex issues related to revenue from non-recurring complex arrangements and financial instruments. The team was very responsive, including to the unplanned requests, and did a great job in working closely with our auditors and other external advisors (attorneys, bankers, printers, etc.). We have retained Acilon’s services for other projects and I would certainly recommend their services."

Saurabh Agrawal
Corporate Controller
Quantenna Communications, Inc.

"We have a great experience working with Acilon, including working on our IPO, several complex collaboration agreements and financial instruments. The team is extremely knowledgeable and diligent about collecting information before delivering high quality results. The team is exceptionally responsive and did a great job in working closely with us and our auditors. I would highly recommend Acilon to anyone looking for top notch services."

Pauline Mak
Corporate Controller
CytomX Therapeutics, Inc.

"It was a great experience to work with Acilon. Acilon team demonstrated deep technical expertise and high professionalism. I highly value them working with us as one team, working closely with our auditors, providing timely responses, and willing to go extra miles about our last minute unplanned requests. I am very happy with Acilon’s services, will definitely use for future projects and recommend to others."

Tina Tran
Corporate Controller
Pluribus Networks, Inc.

"Acilon was critical to our success in completing our audit on time.  Acilon provided technical accounting expertise and other expert accounting assistance that got us to the finish line, despite a tight timeline and a demanding Big Four Audit firm.  I have already recommended them to several of my friends in the CFO community."

Tom Hoster
Chief Financial Officer
eNeura, Inc.

"Acilon came highly recommended by a trusted business partner and exceeded our high expectations. Our Acilon consultant provided deep technical knowledge, including our auditors’ internal accounting guidance and industry experience. He quickly learned our business and developed practical solutions to meet our needs. Throughout the project he was very responsive and worked closely with us and our auditor to resolve all issues quickly and efficiently. We would not have been able to achieve our aggressive deadline without his help and guidance. I will use Acilon in future and confidently recommend their services."

Daniel Moskowitz

Vice President of Finance and Administration

AtHoc, Inc.

"Karo and his team did an outstanding job on our project. Karo has excellent technical knowledge, is very responsive and provided deep expertise in many complex areas such as financial instruments and variable interest entities. Key to success was to work closely with our team and external auditors to make the process smooth and efficient. I look forward to other opportunities to work with Karo and his team and would highly recommend them to everyone."

George de Urioste
Member of Board of Directors
Arrayent, Inc.

"Acilon always delivers beyond expectations, with a team consistently demonstrating exceptional customer focus and top-notch expertise in the most technical accounting topics. In particular, Karo has a unique ability to clearly articulate complex revenue recognition principles, intelligently connecting guidance to practical applications; besides, he is great to work with, highly responsive, trustworthy and friendly. I strongly recommend working with Acilon for complex accounting projects."

Marcel Roche
Corporate Controller
Picarro, Inc.

"It was a great experience to work with Karo and team. They are very knowledgeable and true professionals. The work was done very efficiently and response time was super short. Working closely with our finance team, auditors and their National office was important to make sure things are moving forward and that everyone is on the same page. I would not hesitate to use them again and highly recommend for any technical accounting project."

Nimish Mehta
VP, Corporate Controller
BrightSource Energy, Inc.

"It was a pleasure working with Karo – he was very helpful and did excellent work. He was efficient, timely and very responsive – turnaround time on all of our requests, including unplanned ones was pleasantly quick. Outstanding technical knowledge and most importantly experience and expertise of practical application of the rules and guidance. Will certainly recommend to anyone looking for high quality services."

Michael Tagle

Corporate Controller
Sungevity, Inc.

"Karo and his team did excellent work on our project. Their technical knowledge was vital to our integration of multiple acquisitions including harmonization of complex revenue recognition models. Karo also has been a great “on-call” resource as technical issues arise during deal negotiations. I will definitely use them in the future and recommend them for any complex accounting project."

Laura K.
Corporate Controller
Actian Corporation