We help our clients to find the best possible solutions to their complex accounting issues in an effective and efficient manner. We work closely with management and always start with thorough understanding of the business purpose and nature of the transaction. Our deep technical knowledge and years of industry experience combined with thoughtful and practical application of the rules is the secret to the best possible answers and solutions. If involved at the planning stage we can also help you negotiate terms and understand the accounting impact of each significant term. As a result of our research we will prepare accounting memos that will satisfy the most demanding independent auditors.


Areas where we have deep knowledge and expertise include:

  • Revenue recognition, including implementation of new revenue
    recognition guidance
  • Financial instruments
  • Business combinations
  • Variable Interest Entities
  • Goodwill and Intangible Assets
  • Impairment analysis
  • Equity accounting


Special Projects

IPO Services


Valuation Services

Complex Accounting Issues

Why US?


You need an experienced, knowledgeable and trustworthy partner that is committed, listens and delivers on time and we are the best choice due to outstanding technical expertise, industry knowledge and experience, flexibility and dedication to client service. We focus and perform only services where we are the best or one of the best. Our team members have 10+ years of Big4 and industry experience, including experience with Big4 National Offices. We have worked on several recent IPOs and M&A deals, performed large number of accounting research and internal control projects and helped to complete complex restatements on time. The best evidence of our work quality is that most of our clients are referrals from other clients and their independent auditors - please see sample of testimonials from our clients on the home page. Last but not the least, our rates are 20%+ lower than competitors' that can deliver comparable results. Give us an opportunity and we will deliver outstanding results!


IPO is the most exciting and challenging time for our young and aspiring clients. Hard work of many years is paying-off and dreams are finally coming true. IPOs became Bay Area’s trademark way of achieving the American Dream. We work with our clients to ensure that accounting and financial tasks are completed timely and effectively. Our services range from IPO audit support to preparation and filing of Form S-1 and help to clear SEC comments:


1. Pre-IPO audit support, including:

  • Resolving complex accounting issues and preparing accounting memos that will pass review of the independent auditors
  • Preparing audit support schedules
  • Preparing quarterly financial statements
  • Performing EPS calculations

2. Preparing the Registration Statement (Form
    S-1), including coordination with bankers,
    attorneys and independent auditors

3. Preparing responses to SEC comments and 
    discussing and resolving them with independent 
    auditors and SEC

4. Preparing filing amendments to the Registration
    Statement, if needed

5. Preparing presentations for management and
    Board of Directors

Internal controls over financial reporting gain more importance as company grows and become critical when preparing for IPO, and every public company knows how large is the cost and effort to meet the regulatory requirements. While compliance with the rules is must, the thoughtful application of rules is key in streamlining the process and minimizing cost. We help our clients with every aspect of internal controls, including: 
  • Identifying risks, including significant risks
  • Identifying relevant controls
  • Assessing design of relevant controls
  • Testing relevant controls
  • Evaluating identified design and operating effectiveness deficiencies
  • Identifying and implementing remediation steps
  • Advising on process and controls improvement opportunities
  • Preparing thorough documentation of all of the above, including accounting process memos and flow-charts


Our goal is to solve the problems - finding a missing relevant control could be easy, but working with process owners and helping to design and implement a control that is aligned with business goals vs. being a burden is what distinguishes us.


We help clients navigate valuation related tax and financial reporting requirements and work with management to help them make informed business decisions involving valuation related matters.  We build tailored financial forecasting and valuation models aligned with Fair Value and Fair Market Value best practice guidelines to meet the specific needs of the engagement.  We have experience and extensive knowledge with sophisticated financial and valuation models employing Monte Carlo simulation, decision and risk analysis, and advanced statistical modeling techniques.

We have deep knowledge and expertise in valuations for:

  • Mergers & Acquisitions / Business Combinations / Asset Acquisitions and Impairments
  • Business Enterprise and Equity Value
  • Term Loans and Convertible Debt with complex features and embedded derivatives
  • Contingent Assets and Liabilities
  • Intellectual property and intangible assets
  • Preferred and Common Stock, Warrants and Options
  • Stock-based Compensation
  • Incremental Borrowing Rates


We perform wide range of special projects, but there are two that we specialize:


Mergers and Acquisitions – it is usually an important business and accounting event and we are there to help our clients to:

  • Perform financial due-diligence of a target company
  • Review draft agreements to identify complex issues and solutions upfront
  • Research regulatory filing requirements, identify possibilities for exemptions or reduced requirements and help to pre-clear with SEC
  • Prepare required filings, including carve-out financial statements
  • Identify opportunities for hold-back of contingent consideration
  • Integrate finance and accounting policies and procedures


Restatements – this is certainly a difficult time and we help our clients to overcome difficulties and return to normal business as soon as possible. We will bring a dedicated team working "around the clock", identify and resolve all issues, research filing requirements, coordinate with attorneys and independent auditors and ensure timely completion.